CP Math 3 to Honors Senior Math

If you have just completed CP Math 3 and are planning to take Honors Senior Math, there are some topics that you have not been taught that you will need to learn to be fully prepared for class. Below you will find a list of these topics, links to resources that can be used to learn these topics, as well as a two-part self-assessment to use to test yourself.  It is up to you to be as prepared for the start of class as possible.  In addition, you will need to pass two Cornerstone Assessments from Honors Math 3.  You will need to plan to take these during the week prior to school starting in the fall.  This should be arranged before you leave school this spring with your current math teacher.  Good Luck.
List of Cornerstone Assessments to be Taken:

•Triangle Trigonometry Cornerstone

•Trigonometry Applications Cornerstone

This is the list of topics that were not learned in CP Math 3 that are expected knowledge to be prepared for Honors Senior Math:

     1)  Domain and Range of Functions

            Domain of a Function Video
            Domain and Range Video 1
            Domain and Range Video 2

     2)  Trigonometry:
            •Special Right Triangles
                    -45-45-90 Triangles
                        45-45-90 Triangles Video
                    -30-60-90 Triangles
30-60-90 Video 1
                        30-60-90 Video 2 (includes rationalizing the denominator of a fraction)

            •Refresher  of Right Triangle Trigonometry (SohCahToa and Pythagorean Theorem)
                Right Triangle Trigonometry Refresher Video
                More Right Triangle Trigonometry Video

            •Refresher of the Law of Sines
               Law of Sines Video

            •Law of Cosines
                Law of Cosines Video
                  Law of Sines and Law of Cosines Rules

            •Radian Angle Measure
                    -Switching back and forth between degrees and radians
                       Radians and Degrees Video

            •Reciprocal Function definitions

            Reciprocal Trigonometric Function Definitions

            •Unit Circle
                    -Need to know all special angles in degrees and radians
                    -Need to know exact coordinates(Cos and Sin values) of each special angle
                        Using SohCahToa to help with the Unit Circle Video
                        Unit Circle Definition and Values
                        Interactive Unit Circle to Practice Degrees and Radians
                        Unit Circle Demo (Geogebra Document)

            •Rationalizing the denominator of a fraction
                        Rationalizing Denominator Site

           •Graphing Trigonometric Functions
                        Understanding Basic Sine and Cosine Graphs
                        Graphing Sine and Cosine Example 1
                         More Graphing of Sine and Cosine Graphs 
           •Determining Equations of Trig Functions
                        Basic Examples of Finding Equation from a trig graph
                        Modeling with Trig Functions

Here is a list of some other good general math help websites that you can search for more help with any of the above topics or more:

Website with Trigonometry Definitions as well as Review of Trig Topics
            PurpleMath Lessons
            Ask Dr. Math
            SOS Math Topical Review
            Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab

Here are two self assessment documents and their answer sheets to use to see if you have mastered the material and are ready for Honors Senior Math:

            CP Math 3 to Honors Senior Math Self Assessment Part 1
         Answer Key for CP Math 3 to Honors Senior Math Self Assessment Part 1