Transition from CP Math 2 to Honors Math 3

If you have just completed CP Math 2 and are planning to take Honors Math 3, there are some topics that you have not been taught that you will need to learn to be fully prepared for class.  Below you will find a list of these topics, links to resources that can be used to learn these topics, as well as a self assessment to use to test yourself.  It is up to you to be as prepared for the start of class as possible.  In addition, you will need to pass two Cornerstone Assessments from Honors Math 2.  You will need to plan to take these during the week prior to school starting in the fall.  This should be arranged before you leave school this spring with your current math teacher.  Good Luck.
List of Cornerstone Assessments to be Taken:

•Linear Programming Cornerstone

•Quadratics Cornerstone

List of Topics that need to be supplemented:

* Topics not covered in CP                                    # Topics covered deeper in Honors

A. *Solving three variable systems algebraically           

B. #Matrix Method

C. #More complex Application Problems of Linear Systems

D. *General Unit of Transformation of Functions outside of quadratics

E. #Emphasis on Domain and Range and function notation

F. *Completing the Square for Quadratic Formula

G. #More Complex Factoring Problems

H. *Working with Complex numbers

I . *Applications of Quadratics

J.  *Linear Programming Problems and Applications


Use the websites, videos, and tools linked below to help you learn the above topics:

  A.  Solving three variable systems algebraically

      Solving 3 Equations with 3 Unknowns (Kahn Academy Video)

      Systems of Linear Equations (Purple Math)

B. Slide presentation on using matrices on calculator to solve a system of equations.

     Slide Presentation


C. Application Problems

    System of Equation Word Problems (Purple Math)

D. Transformation of Functions

    Transformation of Functions (Purple Math)

E. Domain and Range using Function Notation

    Introduction to Functions (Kahn Academy Video)

    Domain of a Function (Kahn Academy Video)

F. Completing the Square for Quadratic Formula

    Completing the Square (Kahn Academy Video)

    Completing the Square: Deriving the Quadratic Formula (Purple Math)

G. More Complex Factoring Problems

    Factoring (Purple Math)

H. Working with Complex Numbers

    Complex Numbers - Part 1 (Kahn Academy Video) 

     Complex Numbers - Part 2 (Kahn Academy Video)

    Complex Numbers (Purple Math)

I. Applications of Quadratics

    Quadratic Word Problems (Purple Math)

J.  Linear Programming and Applications

   Solving a Basic Linear Programming Problem

   Solving a Linear Programming Word Problem

Here is a self assessment document and its answer sheet to use to see if you have mastered the material and are ready for Honors Math 3:

CP Math 2 to Honors Math 3 Self Assessment [updated 14 May 2012]

Answer Key for CP Math 2 to Honors Math 3 Self Assessment [updated 14 May 2012]